USI Risk Management Center

The USI Risk Management Center (RMC) provides a comprehensive safety, wellness, claims and human resources library and suite of software solutions to help our clients manage risk and reduce losses for a sustainable positive financial impact. Included in the RMC’s suite of software solutions are the following:

  • Policies and Procedures
  • Training Materials and Quizzes
  • Safety Talks
  • Posters
  • Links

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Online Training Library

Multitude of Bilingual Safety Policies, Training Programs and Talks

HR & Benefits Database

Resources and handbooks for all 50 States

Incident Tracking/Trending and Claims Reporting

Report Claims, Perform Trend Analysis and Maintain OSHA Logs

Safety Data Sheet (SDS) Management

Be compliant with OSHA Hazard Communication Standards and the new Globally Harmonized System

Certificate of Insurance (COI) Management

Manage COI’s to Control Liability and Risk

Behavior Based Safety Programs

Build Job Safety Analysis (JSA) and Job Hazard Assessments (JHA) and Job Specific Training

Job Description Tracking

Build Your Own or Access a Pre-Loaded Library of Job Descriptions

Employee Training Management

Select, Assign and Schedule On-Line Training and Run Reports

Documents and software on the site are customizable and may be saved to assist in developing and implementing proactive Risk Management programs. The RMC also includes:

  • Ask The Expert - a means to contact USI's Risk Control Team with any safety-related questions
  • Calendar of Safety and Risk Management Related Continuing Education Webinars
  • Regulatory, Compliance and News Alerts
  • Discounted access to on-line OSHA 10- and 30-Hour Training for construction and general industry.