HR Solutions

Human Resource Solutions that Promote Knowledge and Understanding

With HR Solutions tailored to client needs, USI supports the relationship between companies, insurance carriers and employees. Our targeted communication and enrollment tools and services enable employees to understand, utilize and value benefit programs.

USI’s suite of HR solutions will improve employee experience, alleviate burdens from the HR team, drive efficiency and ensure accountability. USI is the 2nd largest privately held employee benefits broker ranked by global benefits revenue.*

Our HR Solutions include:

Account Management

  • Service Calendar
  • Implementation & Project Timelines
  • Carrier Interaction and Accountability

HR Tools & Resources

  • Employee Hotline/Benefit Resource Center
  • Benchmarking/Benefit Statements
  • Employee Discount Programs
  • Employer Websites

Benefit Administration Consulting

  • HR Enrollment Platform Consulting
  • HR TPA Services Consulting
  • Private Exchange Consulting

Employee Education & Enrollment Services

  • Customized Benefits Education and Engagement Strategies
  • Employee Communications (Guidebooks, Meetings, Webinars)
  • Multiple Benefit Enrollment Options (On-site, Telephonic, Web)
  • Personalized Campaigns
  • Employee Meetings, Websites

Compensation Consulting

Our goal is to drive the value of the employee benefit plans to improve the output of your HR team and promote knowledge and understanding for your employees. To analyze our clients' business issues and challenges, our benefits team leverages USI ONE®, a fundamentally different approach to employee benefits and risk management. USI ONE integrates proprietary business analytics with a network of local and national technical experts in a team based consultative planning process to evaluate the client’s risk profile and identify targeted solutions. Clients then receive tailored recommendations for improving their employee benefits plans.

Experience the USI ONE Advantage® and learn how USI’s HR services and solutions can help you manage your HR needs providing you with improved cost and control. Email or contact your local USI office today.

* Business Insurance, 2020 Agents and Brokers Rankings + Directory


USI’s analytics team assessed the current health care spend and dependent participants for a publicly traded manufacturing client with 700 lives across two plant locations. It was discovered that the client had a heavy dependent enrollment ratio compared to peers and had never performed a dependent eligibility audit. USI’s third party vendor conducted an audit of dependent participants. Based on the audit findings, USI’s ERISA counsel and analytics team formulated a plan to reduce ineligible dependent enrollment and USI’s communications team created an effective employee education campaign explaining dependent eligibility. USI’s plan implementation and analysis uncovered 5.6% of dependents were ineligible and removed from the plan, saving the client $175,400.

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