Commissions and Fees

As a licensed insurance producer, USI is authorized to confer with or advise our clients and prospective clients concerning substantive benefits, terms or conditions of insurance contracts, to sell insurance and to obtain insurance coverages for our clients. Our compensation for placement of insurance coverage, unless otherwise specifically negotiated and agreed to with our client, is customarily based on commission calculated as a percentage of the premium collected by the insurer and is paid to us by the insurer. We may also receive from insurers and insurance intermediaries (which may include USI affiliated companies) additional compensation (monetary and non-monetary) based in whole or in part on the insurance contract we sell, which is contingent on volume of business and/or profitability of insurance contracts we supply to them and/or other factors pursuant to agreements we may have with them relating to all or part of the business we place with those insurers or through those intermediaries. Some of these agreements with insurers and/or intermediaries include financial incentives for USI to grow its business or otherwise strengthen the distribution relationship with the insurer or intermediary. Such agreements may be in effect with one or more of the insurers with whom your insurance is placed, or with the insurance intermediary we use to place your insurance. You may obtain information about the nature and source of such compensation expected to be received by us, and, if applicable, compensation expected to be received on any alternative quotes pertinent to your placement upon your request.

USI values your feedback regarding compliance with our disclosure policy. You may contact the toll-free USI Compliance Hotline (866-657-0861) at any time, and your call will be referred to applicable company management for further investigation.