Employee Compensation & Incentive Plans

Stay Competitive With Well-Designed Compensation Programs

In today’s environment of increasing transparency, scrutiny and regulation, organizations rely on USI to help them navigate and simplify complex compensation issues. Our clients, including small, middle-market, and large public, private, and nonprofit organizations, work with USI’s team of experts to:

  • Develop a philosophical framework for compensation and benefits systems that supports the organization’s strategy
  • Conduct market benchmarking using compensation surveys to assess the competitiveness of employee pay
  • Evaluate internal pay equity
  • Design and review salary structures to administer employee pay
  • Provide training and tools that enable the organization to maintain compensation systems
  • Create incentive plans to strengthen pay for performance
  • Provide messaging to communicate with existing and prospective employees
  • Comply with new tax and regulatory requirements

Compensation plans should reward results that are in alignment with the organization’s short-term and long-term business objectives. Organizations that do not have competitive plans often struggle to recruit and retain talent, and ultimately may fail to achieve business goals.

USI’s employee compensation and incentive planning solutions and services can help you attract talent, manage your business and HR needs, and provide more value for your compensation spend. To learn more, email compensation@usi.com or contact your local USI office today.

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