Compensation Consulting

Create Compensation Programs to Drive Business Success

Organizations that lack competitive compensation plans struggle to recruit and retain talent and may fail to achieve business objectives. Turnover costs for executives and other employees often exceed 100% of compensation.

These challenges can be avoided through the design and implementation of an effective compensation strategy. USI evaluates existing compensation and incentive plans, and modifies or develops plans on the basis of market knowledge, industry survey data, and peer benchmarking studies.

USI’s compensation consulting services help organizations:

  • Improve compensation plans to recruit and retain talent
  • Validate pay and ensure internal equity after an acquisition or a merger
  • Align incentive plans with company performance
  • Create sales plans that reward or motivate the correct behaviors across the sales force

USI offers a full suite of compensation solutions and services for multiple employee classes including:

Positive organizational results are achieved when compensation plans reward performance that aligns with short-term and long-term business objectives.

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