Ready to Move on to HR Tech That Does More for Your Organization?

APRIL 2, 2024

Employers that choose a benefits administration solution provided by a broker often do so without considering the following:

  1. Who owns the client data? The broker does.
  2. Who’s liable for any compliance issues? The employer is.
  3. What happens when your needs are no longer being met? Moving on can be complicated.

Many benefits administration solutions offered by brokers are one-size-fits-all, limiting employers to processes and tools that may not adequately meet their needs. USI Insurance Services helps employers choose technology solutions that best serve them — while helping them retain control, gain efficiencies and mitigate costly errors.

Unbundle Broker-Owned Benefits Administration

When changing brokers, employers should be aware that it could potentially result in the loss of valuable benefits technology and data. Employers may feel hesitant to make the switch to a new broker, but with careful research and planning, the transition can be a positive step toward finding a broker that better meets their unique requirements.

USI simplifies the transition process for employers that have their benefits administration technology bundled with their current broker relationship. Using a proven discovery process, we identify and address potential issues before moving employers away from their current broker and ben admin system. We also offer different cost management strategies, such as a carrier-based technology credit program, to offset the expense of using leading benefits administration technology solutions.

Implement a New Process

Employers that do not use a broker-owned system often face the challenge of vetting and selecting technology vendors that best meet their needs. This process can be time-consuming, and choosing the wrong platform can lead to significant waste of implementation time and expense.

USI works with employers to identify their specific and holistic HR technology requirements. Our aim is to facilitate the process of finding the right solution that allows the employer to maintain complete control and access best-in-class service and support.

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