A Year in Review: Our Reader’s Picks for Top 3 Personal Risk Articles in 2021

DECEMBER 7, 2021

From the effects of supply chain disruption to navigating how to safely send students off to school during a pandemic, 2021 saw many issues that impacted individual risk exposure.

As part of USI’s Executive Series, we covered many critical topics in the past year. Here are the top 3 personal risk topics our readers were most interested in this year, as well as our recommendations on how to mitigate these common risks.

#3: Boating Safety

Retail boating sales in the U.S. spiked at the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, as people looked for recreational activities to enjoy outdoors. Boating and water sports can create numerous injury and loss exposures, but following proper safety protocols can greatly reduce risk. In May, USI Insurance Services published an article with checklists to safely maintain, launch and enjoy your boat. The article provided readers with the following:

  • A semi-annual checklist for watercraft maintenance and safety
  • Resources for safely launching your watercraft
  • Boating injury statistics, common loss exposures, and insurance coverage considerations

Access the complete article: Practical Steps to Anchor a Safe Boating Season

#2: Impact of Labor Shortage and Supply Chain Disruption on Homeowners

In July, with the U.S. economy slowly starting to lurch back to life, USI generated a piece that discussed the impact of labor shortages and supply chain disruptions on the replacement cost of homes. In that article, readers were provided with information regarding:

  • What caused lumber costs to skyrocket
  • A chart to help homeowners assess their current insurance policies
  • How rising lumber costs are increasing the rebuild values on homes — leaving many underinsured — and what individuals can do to protect themselves

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#1: College Safety During the Pandemic (and Beyond)

In August and September, many families prepared to send children back to college in the midst of the pandemic. Our two-part in-depth series on Teens Coming of Age provided valuable information for parents, guardians and students away at school. These articles included essential tips and resources such as:

  • Where to check your teenager’s college vaccination requirements
  • How to reduce liability exposure created by the use of automobiles while teens are at college
  • Cyber safety facts and tips for teens away at school

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